onsdag, november 08, 2006

Sasha Baron Cohens uppsats

Baron Cohen, raised Jewish, became involved in theater at Cambridge University, where he studied history and wrote his dissertation on Jewish involvement in the U.S. civil rights movement of the 1960s (“A Case of Mistaking Identities: The Jewish Black Alliance”).

Från Boston Herald.

The Times wrote a piece entitled “Ali G Creator is in fact Leading Civil Rights
Scholar,” which examined how Baron Cohen made a pilgrimage to the birthplace of
Martin Luther King while doing research for his dissertation in Cambridge.
Entitled “ A Case of Mistaking Identities – the Jewish Black Alliance,” the
thesis examines the nature of cooperation between the African-American and
Jewish communities and suggests ways of how to improve relations in the current
day. His professor describes it as a major work of importance on the civil
rights movement and is suggested reading for history students in Cambridge.

Från Wild About Movies.

Någon som vet om man kan hitta den någonstans?

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