torsdag, maj 11, 2006

Jason Scott om Wikipedia

Jason Scott, driver bl.a., kritiserade i veckan fenomenet Wikipedia, och främst dess idealistiska [sic] administratörer. Han menar bl.a. att systemet med administratörer i sig genererar politiska konflikter:
In the initial phase of Wikipedia you didn't have users, you just had an IP. Well that got to be a little bit wacky, so they started to add users. When you add users, you add identity. When you add identity, you start to add politics, because identities have to keep up their own space.
Vinnaren skriver historien, eller hur är det man säger? Men för att själv bli en vinnare påstår Scott att han har Wikipedia-administratörer som jobbar undercover, med enda målet att förstöra sajten:
I have people who have been working for two years from the inside of Wikipedia to slowly ruin it. They have been able to change rules, they have been able to make administrators get deleted, they have been able to modify how rules are run in some places. Why? It's fun!People will play World of Warcraft for 80 hours a week. There's no difference between that and playing Wikipedia for 80 hours a week. It's even more fun because people on Wikipedia, some of them think "hey, I'm contributing to the sum of human knowledge."
Via Copyriot.

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