fredag, april 07, 2006

The Music Scholar

Helt lysande 34 minuter lång "sketch" (är det en sketch om det är 34 minuter långt?) från ett radioprogram på WFMU i New Jersey.

"A simple call from a listener chastising Tom for playing a Rolling Stones record leads to a fascinating peek inside the mind of "the coolest guy ever." Charles R. Martin saw the Beatles at age six, the Stooges at ten, attended the legendary 1973 Rock Writer's Conference in Memphis at age 15, moved to NYC in '74 to bask in the CBGB/Max's scene, and became a much-feared record store proprietor in the early '80s. He eventually tired of rock, choosing to listen to soundless 'air mixes' for the next decade. A chance encounter with modern rock radio has given him a new lease on life."


2 kommentarer:

Joopey sa...

Samma tema som LCD Soundsystems Losing My Edge?

Unknown sa...

Japp, ungefär. Kolla gärna in Shame 69s (som troligtvis är Richard X) version som heter "No business". Finns här.